What If We Try Yoga at Work?

You would like to do yoga at work, but take your carpet out in front of your colleagues … very much for you! And if you were trying a more discreet version of yoga? This is the suggestion of Anne-Charlotte Vaccine in her book Comme un yogis.

Yoga at work is surely an excellent idea, but it is constraining, you have to take an hour of your time, find a suitable place, change yourself, bring your carpet, shower, pfff … Yes but no!And if you were offered yoga to practice without accessories or equipment, without changing, directly in his office and on his chair, at any time of the day, and indiscretion?

Thanks to Anne-Charlotte Lucchino, a former strategy consultant who, after a serious accident, decided to launch her Yogist-Bien start-up in the office to open the world of the company to the virtues of yoga fast and above all well done.

This work contains 65 movements focused on the whole or part of the body, breathing exercises and express meditation, adapted to the needs of each worker. Prevention of musculoskeletal disorders, improvement of the seated position in front of the screen, stress management, concentration and performance at work … all themes related to well-being at work find here their real relief in 5 minutes chronic.

Rich in photos and with clear and precise explanations, this book is accessible to all, whether novice or yogi confirmed.