Top 10 Commandments for Top Winter Immunity

Although the woman has an extraordinary ability to adapt, the invention of tights is not sufficient to cross the winter like a polar fox. Natural health experts reveal the ten fundamentals to boost our immunity.

1. Vision on the disease, you will change
While for most of us, getting sick sounds like the beginning of the end, Dr. Luc Bodin, sophrologist, reminds us that “disease is the way the body To clean up .” The virus is only the purification stage of our organism. It is, therefore, important to change the way you look at winter’s ills and to realize that substantial immunity is being worked on in prevention. Particularly as it is not only a question of physical state but also of a mental state. Dr. Bodin insists that infection, far from “infecting” our being, comes rather “to wash away a conflict”: ” 

2. With warm/cold, you will harmonize.
In winter, the body must be listened to and respected because it is weakened by temperatures for which it is not equipped originally. The cold season is, therefore, a privileged moment to reconnect with the fundamental needs of our being, to strengthen our intimate bond. To feel one’s body is to know how to interpret one’s messages. Let’s listen to our “I’m cold” and answer it thanks to the infrared sauna imitating the solar rays but without ultraviolet. “This is an excellent way to stimulate sweating and release toxins,” explains Samira Benzamidine, naturopath. It also recommends the past practice of the bath derivative to harmonize the internal temperature of the body by the cold this time: “It is enough to put a frozen gel pocket in the crotch, the goal being that the freshness is localized only” And the rest of the body remains warm. ” A feeling of well-being guaranteed!

3. From healthy foods, you will enrich your body
Eating is to participate in the graceful feast that nature offers us. So, if we respect his gift, we bring our body to flourish in winter. It is, therefore, necessary to favor organic products, not altered by the disruptors present in the pesticides, and to try the seasonal food. Mother Nature knows our needs. You will find in all winter fruits and vegetables, the necessary vitamins and nutrients. A raw carrot salad with dried fruits brings us the immune benefits of the B vitamins complex, fermented cabbage of sauerkraut and Jerusalem artichoke are a natural source of probiotics,

4. Your intestine, you will cherish
Samira Benzamidine is formal: ” The intestine is the organ that concentrates 80% of our immune cells.” This charming tube is lined with a nervous wall completely autonomous and in constant exchange with the brain, which earned him the “second brain.” It is, therefore, the pampered! Know that when we feed our bodies, we feed “our brains.” so we imposing real moments pause during meals, take the time to chew, let the possibility to enjoy our bodies as a whole what we eat. let us avoid irritating sources ( coffee, soda, alcohol, animal milk). Finally, we are relaxing-! Accept, therefore, at least the time of the meal, To focus on our food and let go.

5. Ton thymus, to ta vote ras
En plus d’être le Moyen de Gagner one party de Scrabble®, le thymus est un-organic essential pour Notre immunité car il détruit less cellular infectées par un virus ou one maladies. Situé Dans la parties supérieure de Notre thorax, entre nos Deux coupons, get organe-clé de Notre système immunities est très simple à stimulus… si nous le tape tons! Ce get d’EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) est fondé sure less préceptes de la médecine traditionally choice. Tapotons vent seconds la zone où est localisé, not thymus, tout en inspired et en expirant profondément. Le tour est joué: regain d’énergie Garanti!

6. To the “homeopathic vaccine,” you will pass
This vaccine has vaccine only the name! No needles, no contraindications, no side effects and, above all, no injections of products harmful to the body. “The ‘homeopathic vaccine’ is a homeopathic dilution of the vaccine of the year in the form of granules,” explains Dominique Arnaud, acupuncturist, and homeopath. She advises: “To prevent the flu, a dose Influenzinum in 9 CH every two weeks during the month risk is very effective It can be taken with a further dose of Serum yersin9 CH and. Thymuline 9 CH every two weeks, always during the months when the virus is wandering. “

7. Minerals, you will take
Silver, copper, and gold are minerals especially recommended to preserve our immunity. Know that our body works only if a multitude of trace elements (of the Greek oligo: rare) are present in the organism. Taking care of these “body chemistry catalysts” helps boost our natural defenses. Dominique Arnaud recommends betting on the copper-gold-silver complex for a fortnight to strengthen our immune barrier. The copper-manganese duo is also of interest in the prevention of colds and angina.

8. Bees, you will like
The fresh pollen of cistus and chestnut, as well as propolis in pods, are the products of the hive that bring to the body all the power of nature against the aggressions of winter. But with his qualifying asset as “antioxidant,” “anti-inflammatory,” “antibacterial,” “anti-infective,” “antiseptic” honey manuka would be the winner of the immune prevention. In herbal teas, this honey is a treasure! Its high concentration of methylglyoxal gives it an antimicrobial capacity highly superior to all other honey!

9. Of love, you will be enriched
Spirit and body must be in unison for a good immunity. Dr. Bodin encourages us to find the strength and courage to resist the sirens of pessimism: “We must drink of vibratory energy whose best source is love.” Let’s take a good look at our thoughts, the benefit of the cold evenings to invite our friends to dinner more often, take the time to see the landscapes change colors, find solutions instead of focusing on problems. An active mind feeds the body and not the virus!

10. Stress, you will ban
Stress chips our immune shield. Recycle Negative Stress into Life Force! Dr. Bodin invites introspection so that fear turns into “if it happened, and then?”. Working with cardiac breathing allows for better emotional regulation, with five seconds for inspiration and five seconds for expiration without pause between the two. Feeling our full consciousness is a way of realizing that our internal resources will allow us to make the right decisions in due course. The yoga and Wutao® also provide access to the trust and release stress by body harmonization. Luc Bodin insists: