Tips and Tricks for a Successful Detox

The recipe for a successful detox? Lots of water, a light diet, a hint of sport and a pinch of dietary supplements.

To get rid of his body of accumulated toxins and to find again energy, glowing mine, and silhouette of the dream even bolster its metabolism and better promote the elimination, it is possible and easy by following some advice!

Hydrating abundantly to encourage the elimination of toxins

The kidneys are the central organs of the purification of the body, to support the work of the expensive filters, regularly drink during the day. Water above all but also tea and herbal teas to the plants (cherry tails, lime sapwood …)

Favor a light diet based on fresh vegetables and fruits

A detox is to “put the digestive system at rest,” so adopting a light diet is ideal. The fruits and vegetables with the detoxifying virtues are therefore to be preferred (pineapple, avocado, lemon, leek …) as well as the white meats. Exciting such as coffee and alcohol are to be avoided as are refined products.

Practicing regular physical activity

Our sedentary lifestyle also has an impact on the accumulation of toxins in our body. When we move little, our blood circulation is almost inert causing a failing separation of toxins. Our lungs also need to be oxygenated every day to filter out the toxins we breathe in the air.

Include kings detox assets in your program

The dandelion to help your liver, support your intestines with aloe vera juice that promotes digestion, drainage, and waste disposal. Birch juice is also the ally par excellence of your detox program: it has a dual draining and purifying action that promotes the elimination of water, general well-being, and healthy skin.

Boost your detox program with organic food supplements

Dietary supplements based on concentrates of detoxifying and draining herbs can naturally help your organs function again at full throttle.