Feeding in Conscience to Better Recharge

Putting the health and well-being message of naturopathy on the map, Ariane Rocques, the author of a lovely card game box published by the Souffle d’Or publishing house, intuitively eating “Food for the conscience.” Meet with the designer to better understand what it means to feed in opinion.

After a journey with multiple bifurcations, Ariane Rocques found her way: naturopathy. She particularly appreciates the idea of being able naturally to apply in her daily life what she discovers. ” This holistic approach to health is what I was looking for: to take oneself individually but also to radiate,” she says.

After her three years of studies, Ariane did not see herself in office. ” I wanted to help bring the message of naturopathy. I, therefore, sought the support that best me. It is ultimately the cards to play, or rather to live, which are essential. ” The cards are attractive because they can be apprehended one at a time or as part of a set. They are self-sufficient because they contain all the information necessary to enter an exercise and have a playful side. While it was published in the editions of the Souffle d’Or its beautiful box of cards to play Eating in conscience, we met her to understand better what that means.

What do you mean by “feeding oneself in conscience”?
It is different from mindfulness. I want to invite people to be aware of what they eat, the origin of their food … Mindfulness means being fully present to oneself, with his attention focused on his senses. One is in full observation. Being conscious is on a daily basis, all the time. It is the intellectual curiosity to wonder about what surrounds us, the origin of what we are facing. If you practice the exercises alone on a regular basis, you are more and more present when you are in a group.

Are you limiting yourself to food as a food issue?
No, of course. Feeding is not just filling the stomach! Some cards offer practices for moving the body. The game is built on the approach to naturopathy. It thus mixes the art of eating, the art of running and the art of thinking. In fact, in creating the game, I thought foods in the literary sense: what comes to feed us. It can be food, but also movement, an encounter, presence to oneself …

You’re talking about a sixth sense. What is it and why does it interest you?
When I speak of the sixth sense, I talk about intuition. For me, it is a complementary meaning. The five traditional senses give us information about what comes from outside; they capture the environment. The insight comes from within. It’s an emerging sense. It is interesting to put them together to feel in harmony. When one is aware of his needs and the best way to fulfill them, one knows how to consume intelligently.

You have chosen a deck of cards to invite you to explore tracks for food in conscience, what is the point of drawing the same map several times?
I assume that a 10-fold renewed experience is ten different experiences. When you start, everything is to be explored. When we have already advanced on the way, we will have another approach to the exercises proposed, a more thorough reading of our feelings.

How to invite his family, friends, and family to take part in the process?
The proposals made to encourage the others to participate rather playful. For example, one of the cards is called “Honey, tonight we eat blindfolded.” It is a sensible approach to food. But beyond that, it invites us to observe what happens when we mask the meaning that guides us the most. The card of gratitude is nice to do with friends because it allows going up the path: our meal does not arrive on the table by a miracle! Otherwise, eating with his non-dominant hand allows you to become aware of the gesture of eating. It may be a bit long for a whole meal, but nothing but the entry is fun and full of teachings! The game has no vocation to transform you into an ace that eats alone. Some cards invite you to eat alone, but eating is also a celebration, so you have to be convivial.