Introducing One Of The Best Protein Supplements: Gold Standard 100% Whey.

It is not so long ago that we used to depend on conventional dietary means to boost our protein levels. However, the few past years have seen a flourishing protein supplement industry promising many the idea of instant sources of this macro-nutrient. This notion mainly targeted bodybuilders and fitness athletes who always seem to have a problem keeping up with their bodies’ pulsating protein demand.

A couple of products were then released to the market, some which received worldwide recognition among nutritionists while others failed miserably in living up to their promise. So, where does the Gold Standard 100% Whey fall in this category? Is it worth spending money on? Does it deliver the protein goodness that it purports to be packed with?

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Well, let’s answer some of those burning questions with the aid of a comprehensive Gold Standard Whey review, shall we?

a.) Supplement constituent.

The one distinctive feature that separates the wheat from the chaff when it comes to any type of supplement is its constituents. The protein quality utilized in the Gold Standard Whey is arguably one of the highest. This supplement is packed with slightly over 24g of Whey protein isolates. Further, you will be happy to know that this product has kept extra additives like artificial sweeteners to the bare minimum.

This has been done to make sure that over 99% of the product is actually useful in helping you rebuild worn out muscles after an intensive training spurt. The downside is that it may not be very sweet if taken alone, but you can always add an accompaniment like natural honey to top that up.

On that note, this Golds supplement maintains a good balance between whey isolate and whey concentrate. If you’re well versed in the nutrition niche you probably know that supplements which have a high concentration of isolate alone, tend to be harder to digest . The lactose ( milk sugar) residue in this supplement is also at it’s very least. Therefore, if you happen to be lactose intolerant ( allergic to lactose), Golds whey is still perfect for you.

b.) Assimilation ( How much your body will utilize from a single scoop of this supplement)

Unlike other specialized protein powders sourced from either egg or casein, Golds supplement is absorbed better by the body. It is simply because the body naturally absorbs and utilizes protein better when it is from whey than when sourced elsewhere.

The direct result is of course less wastage and a better nutritional value per unit gram. On the hand, unlike casein protein, whey doesn’t tax the digestive processes heavily with anti-catabolic properties.

c.) Usability.

Any Gold Standard Whey review wouldn’t be complete without shedding some light on the long-term usability of this supplement. In as much as Golds has kept additives at a bare minimum, it still comes with a variety of delicious flavors, e.g vanilla, caramel, double rich chocolate etc.

The manufacturer has since maintained that these flavors do not compromise the protein levels or assimilation properties of this supplement. Nonetheless, it means for a 30g scoop of Golds; 24g is premium whey while close to 3g is carbs ( the category which the flavor components fall into).

Additionally, Golds has a reputation for mixing easily with most beverages e.g coffee, juice or even water. And the flavors help in masking the somewhat archaic taste of whey, making it easier for you to enjoy a morning shot of glorious protein before you hit the gym.

In conclusion.

To wrap us this Gold standard whey review, is a quote from one of the most celebrated fitness athletes; ” At the end of the day, supplements are meant to be just supplements.” This means that without a solid workout program, a disciplined lifestyle and healthy nutritional choices, then supplements would do you much good. No matter how effective a supplement is, it will never be a substitute of a wholesome lifestyle.

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